Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rivers in the Sky #2

Driving to Renton yesterday was very interesting, and very beautiful. Hawaii has come to visit the past few days, bringing relatively warm weather and lots of water. Some of that water cascades down from the sky in tropical-weight showers, and some of it is flowing north in sky rivers.

Land rivers - at least wild ones - change their paths in the rainy season, carving new tracks through the earth on their way to the sea. Sky rivers, it seems, change their paths too, but vertically as well as horizontally.

The major rivers moving from the southwest - the center of the Pacific Ocean - to somewhere in the arctic seem to have dipped down a few thousand feet, flowing perilously close to the ground.

I followed these rivers all the way to Renton, where they seemed to flow eastward into the mountains, spread out, and cover Bellevue.

The textures and colors were endlessly changing, like water flowing down a river - always changing, and always the same.

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Veryl said...

Love your pictures, but love the poetry of your words more. Hugs.