Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best Laid Plans #3

As usual, my critters and I have entirely different interpretations of what my preparations are for. I set up shelters and feeding stations that I think are the best possible solutions for the various animals, and they do what they want.

The dog shelter continues to be a favorite spot for my Seabright bantam chickens - and a full full sized friends.

Meanwhile Ursa and Charlie are inside warming up and drying off, but Jesse lays in the middle of the yard, becoming one with the snow. His only complaint is that no one wants to play with him in this joyous white world.

Squeak keeps the wild bird food nice and warm, so the junkos and towhees will come by and provide entertainment and food for her. 

I put extra straw in the sheep shelter last night so my sheep, goats and donkey would have a soft, warm spot to hang out in during the snows. I come down the hill to find an empty shelter, and sheep laying in the snow.

Or hanging out by the gate, lounging around waiting for breakfast and warm water. 

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