Monday, December 22, 2008

Contemplating Sleds

Here's the food for the hoof stock.

It's the other side of this shed.

There are the hungry sheep, goats and donkey.

Here's my brand new Ursa cart. Just the right size for a bale of hay, turns on a dime, big wheels for handling mud, high clearance for uneven ground. Perfect for western Washington winters.
Not so good for 6-12 inches of snow.

The hay is heavy. The snow is deep. I am not 25. It's been a long morning. 


Stasia said...

I got a sled at the farm store - it was in the hunting department as it is for hauling a hunted deer out of a forest... It was inexpensive, and is fairly heavy duty (plastic, so it's light) - stronger than a plastic kid's sled. It is rectangular, almost square - a little wider than a bale of hay, but almost the same length, and it has slightly higher sides than a regular sled so my hay bales don't tip out even when I'm going over drifts.

I would DIE without it! Get one!

I love your Ursa cart - that would be good for me during the non-winter months here...

I still think I need to figure out a way to harness up my dogs to help me pull this stuff... or my goats. SOMEONE should be earning their keep around here!

Happy holidays!

Judy said...

I haven't seen anything resembling a sled in farm stores around here. We just normally don't get much snow! Although, that may be changing. Do you know the brand name of the sled? Would be a good thing to have around.

The Ursa cart has been great. Strong, sturdy, easy to haul, and it dumps, too!

I have to admit I was looking Charlie up and down when contemplating carrying that bale of hay...

Robyn said...

What a glorious sight Ursa is in the snow. Happy Birthday, Ursa, from Robyn and Ilka!

Judy said...

And back at ya Ilka, from Ursa and Judy!