Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trail Blazing

There are three types of paths around my property. There are light, very interesting paths that I think are made by the Peafowl. There are Judy paths, and there are miniature highways.

This is an example of the highway. It's like a tiny snowplow or snowmobile made paths for very small cross-country skiers. These paths are even, well packed, and the same width everywhere.

I did not make them.

This is a Judy path. It's uneven, you can see each foot step. Messy path. The path on the right is one I suspect is made by peafowl.

Here's a Judy path and a mini-highway meeting, with some chicken off-shoots. The reason there are two? The mini-highway goes under obstacles lower than is comfortable for humans.

Isn't this a great path? Makes touring the property much easier for Ursa. 

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