Monday, December 29, 2008

The Saga Continues

This morning Ursa, Jesse and I walked down my lane to the county road. I had hoped to get out today, to get supplies and make my way back to work. What I found was that I'd previously underestimated the amount of snow on the road.

Up at the top there were still areas with 6-8" of snow - where there'd been drifts. Some small areas were bare or nearly bare. I was happily thinking I could drive through this. As I got down the the lower half of the road, the accumulation was 4-6", and it iced as I walked over it. At the end of the lane was a pile of snow from the plow that had gone down the county road. I watched the neighbors struggle to get their pickup out of their (very short) drive. They managed, but not easily. 

Later in the day my neighbor's brother drove over in his heavy 4-wheel drive station wagon. He made it half way up the drive. As soon as it got steep he got stuck. His comment was we could probably get out, but wouldn't get back in. He had to back out.

This was not good news to people who are out of supplies. My neighbor lent me some dog food, so I can feed my 14 year old Ursa. The other dogs are getting rice, as are the chickens. The chickens are happy with it, which I can't say is true for the dogs. 

Then, as the visitor was leaving, it started snowing again. Heavily.

It snowed long enough to make a light covering on all cleared areas.

Then it cleared, but the clouds to the south are a mass of light grey. I can only hope they will bring rain and not snow. I really want to get out! My dogs second the sentiment.

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