Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beware of Low Flying Pyrs

For the last couple days Millie has gone through periods of maniacal barking, running and jumping.  I always rush outside (camera in hand if I can find it), as this usually means there are raptors in her airspace. I keep hoping to see the Bald Eagles again. This morning I got out in time to see a Rough Legged Hawk on a very low pass over the walkway. Not in time to get a picture.

Millie runs, turns and barks furiously.

She then runs back to the fence and tries to use it as a launch pad. She isn't trying to get over the fence, rather to get up in the air. What fool designer forgot the wings for Great Pyrenees?

At least she chased off the offender. There is a trio. Mom and Dad are circling in search of yummy Sebright bantams, I suspect. This photo is from a later, much higher pass.

This photo is by Ryan Akeny (from Flickr). My photos all show only black outlines of birds. This is what he looked like to my eyes.

Here's the youngster looking rough and hungry, watching the other two hunt.

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