Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out And About

Mid-February, and it feels like the beginnings of Spring. Days are longer, and summer residents are beginning to return.

This pair of Killdeer were exploring the edges of the field surrounding the feed store.

This doe and faun were quietly grazing in a horse field.

My presence disturbed them, and they slowly moved off, clearing fences quickly enough that I couldn't get it on camera.

Everyone loves hay. One of the barn cats in a cozy nook at my hay supplier's. The dog - a Great Dane - has a nest at the top of the stack.


Mokihana said...

Oh, I love to hear killdeer crying high above me in the spring and summer. I can hear them but rarely see them. Thanks for the photos!

Judy said...

I was so pleased to see them there, as I was loading up. Maximum telephoto on little camera.