Monday, February 28, 2011

Follow the Geese

Early in the morning I head down the hill to feed the critters. I find I am not the first one to leave tracks in the new snow.

Where would the geese be going early on a snowy morning?

To the first flat spot in the road, where water gathers in puddles under the snow. Geese must bathe. ALL of the prints in the snow except mine on the far left are from the geese.

And then they continued on to the next flatish spot in the road, the next set of puddles. Prints here go in both directions.

And on down to the next set of puddles. The geese may be the only ones happy that gravel roads develop low spots. I didn't realize the geese travelled this far down the road. They may not normally - their pool was damaged when it blew into the woods in the winds preceding this snow.

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