Friday, February 11, 2011

Jesse Says...

Yesterday Jesse tried to talk me into taking him for a walk down the hill. I had to get hay, and didn't have time. Today he was insistent. Jesse doesn't rely on psychic communication - he realizes that humans tend to not pick up on that. He has his own body sign language. A two year old could understand him, and sometimes I think that's his opinion of where most humans stand on the development scale. So he mimed his desires, with added emphasis that this wasn't really a request.

We went for a walk. We went down to the new field to feed the horses. Once I'd fed and watered, Jesse again insisted that we walk down the trail. Since I hadn't checked the fence in a few days (and this fence is totally electric), that seemed like a good idea.

And a good idea it was. A small tree had fallen onto the fence, and was no doubt grounding it out. We walked the whole fence line, pulling bits and pieces of trees off various areas. I'm sure the fence is working much better now.

Jesse is also very happy with me, and pleased with himself. Reminder to self: Listen to my dogs.

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Denise said...

Smart dog!