Monday, February 21, 2011

Peas Renewed

Once a peacock has regrown his train, he very reasonably wants to show it off. Who could blame him? Peacocks are beautiful from all angles, carrying brilliant color and light with them wherever they go.

It's a bit difficult displaying in the wind, especially as the cocks get older - every year their train gets longer. This guy had to give up shortly after I took the pictures.

I also enjoy the hens' behavior. They act nonchalant, mostly uninterested. But they do tend to stick around.


Anita C. said...

Love the photo of displaying in the wind.

Judy said...

It was really fun watching that display, too. That's a mighty big sail in a strong wind.

Denise said...

Magnificent! The thought of the poor cock struggling to display in the wind is amusing (though I feel guilty for finding it so - ggg)