Sunday, February 20, 2011

The High Tech Toy

I was puzzled that the twine from the hay I'd just fed out had disappeared. Shrugging my shoulders, I pulled the cart back up the hill.

But there, right next to Zander, was the twine. How did it get there?

As I approached I discovered how it got there. Zander grabbed it, gave it a shake, and ran off.

He danced around me as I hauled the cart along, tossing the twine into the air, shaking it, running up and pushing it into my thigh so I could play too.

Then suddenly he stopped. The neighbor dog had started barking.

He dropped the twine and prepared himself to go meet whatever danger was being heralded. Next moment he was gone.


Mokihana said...

Definitely a high tech toy. How cute!

Anita C. said...

What a cutie. Half puppy, half brave guardian!

Judy said...

He's at a really cute stage right now. I think he may have forgotten how to walk - he trots everywhere. He loves being out where all the action is.