Sunday, March 06, 2011

Aerial Invader

I came back up from feeding the horses, and Millie was again trying to fly out of her yard. I looked up, scanning the hawks to be seen. Then I looked over the house. In a tree just behind the house was the young Rough-Legged Hawk. He looked huge, and rather like he was trying to be small and unnoticeable. Never mind the Big White Dog not too far away trying to jump over the house.

I walked around the house snapping pictures, and he finally got nervous enough to fly back down to the tall fir by the road, where I've seen him before. No sign of the adults, but they must consider this their temporary territory as they head north. I'm enjoying their visit, even if it does upset Millie.

Millie was strutting around after he flew off, quite convinced that she had finally chased him away.


Anita C. said...

He looks like he's trying to be a parakeet.

Judy said...

*laughs* - yes, that's just what it felt like. He was sitting in that tree trying to not be there.