Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A Mountain

Yesterday was an interesting weather day, starting clear and sunny with clouds accumulating during the day. Mount Saint Helens was in the path of the weather. Same view, same day, ever changing.

6:20 AM - Sunrise

7:15 AM 

9:00 AM - Clouds beginning to appear overhead, and those surrounding the mountain increase

10:30 AM And increase

11:00 AM - The sun sets the clouds alight

11:45 AM - The mountain disappears

12:30 PM - And partially reappears

5:14 PM - The memory of a mountain


Mary Ann said...

I have only seen one big mountain once in my life! How beautiful yours are!

Gena said...

Such amazing photos!

Judy said...

Mary Ann, I'm glad I can share my lovely mountain view with you!

Gena, thank you! It was a pretty amazing day.