Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Light

I had just seen off a friend who'd spent the day helping me with various chores, and was getting hay for my furthest field. I glanced to the horizon as I closed the gate - and stopped to stare. The world had gone from gray to gorgeous. Clouds had lifted, and the setting sun lit the snow-covered mountains, looking more like a Pre-Raphaelite painting than a landscape.

Fortunately, I almost always have my camera with me these days. By the time I'd taken these pictures the sun had descended, and the mountains disappeared once more into the clouds and night.

Moments of beauty. See them, enjoy them, be awed by them. They appear and disappear in a flash, and live in the memory forever. I thank the Universe daily for such a wonderful place to live.

Mt. Adams on the left, behind the South Cascade Range

Mt. St. Helens, barely peeking out of the clouds

Closer look at the Cascades

And a closer view of Mt. Adams


Rural Revival said...

WOW! We all have our 'views' but yours is breathtaking. It's hard not to feel a part of the world when you're among it like that.

Be well.

Judy said...

There are times when the view grabs me by the shoulders and holds me fast. I am thankful every day for living here :).