Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding Spring

Nothing says "It's Spring!" like baby chickens. My friend in Hawai'i was getting chicks today, and I was so excited for her. "Be sure to post pictures!" I said. I love chicks.

Then as I was heading out for the afternoon feeding I heard a suspicious peeping sound. Sure enough, one of my little Sebright crosses had hatched out four chicks. They are so adorable, and she is very protective of them.

I think it's too early for chicks here in the Pacific Northwest, but who am I to argue with a hen? They are now safely sequestered in a giant dog crate, with lots of shavings to help keep them warm. I know the hen will do her best.

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Teresa said...

They are just the cutest! Hope mom and chicks stay warm.

Verde Farm said...

They are precious. There is nothing sweeter than little peeps from little, fluffy, innocent chicks. Love it!

Judy said...

The sweet sound of chick peeps. @Verde - I thought the timing interesting - I had just read your post on selling some of your flock.

Mary Ann said...

I love my little crossbred chickens the most... even the littlest... Yours are dolls! What a good little mama!

Judy said...

It's fun to see what colors and patterns their feathers come in with. I keep thinking I want purebred Sebright flocks, but don't want to confine them. And like you I so delight in these little crossbreds.